The following rules & guidelines are provided to ensure all of our guests are able to fully enjoy these facilities, while providing for the health, safety and general welfare of our guests, staff, and Mother Nature.

Registration & Visitors: To our valued guests, must register upon arrival. If you are having company, your guests must register also. Only overnight guests will be asked to pay a fee. Overnight guests are those who will be here after 9 p.m. Only overnight guests may use the shower and/or laundry rooms.  Due to insurance regulations guests may not bring in pets, we are sorry!!! 

Speed limit, vehicle use & camping units: The speed limit is 5 m.p.h. We ask that parking be limited to 2 vehicles per site. If you need more parking just let us know.  Please Do Not drive across open sites.

Nature guidelines: For our tent campers, there is a “slop sink” in the laundromat.  Please do not wash cast iron in the sink.   Dish water will kill grass and trees and bring Kritters you most likely don’t want to camp with. If you need a bucket, we will be happy to loan you one.   Breaking, dragging or cutting off of live or dead vegetation in the park or adjoining woods is also prohibited. Campfires need to be in the fire rings only please. If you are leaving or going in for the night please be sure your fire is out.  And let’s be kind to our neighbors and not burn trash. 

Rugs & Mats: We realize everyone wants to keep their campers and motorhomes clean.  However, in order to preserve the grass and the appearance of the campsites NO RUGS OR MATS are permitted on the ground.

Pets: We love pets!!  However, we don’t love stepping in their doodie, so please clean up after your pets. And while we love all pets please be sure yours can play nice, we truly don’t want you to have to remove them from the park.  For everyone’s safety, including your four legged friend, please keep pets leashed at all times, just not to a tree.  Pets should not be in any of the buildings or around the play area. 

Firewood: Firewood burned in the park must be purchased from the park.  No outside wood from any source will be permitted to burn.  Pulling sticks out of the woods is prohibited.

Leveling of RV’s:  Please do not dig holes in the ground to level your RV. If you would kindly place boards underneath your jacks, you won't leave holes in the ground.

Firearms & fireworks: Use of guns, b.b. guns, paintball guns, explosives, weaponry, archery equipment or fireworks of any kind is not allowed in the park or adjoining woods.

Parental responsibility: Children are not to be left unattended.

Site assignment: You will be assigned a site. Please consult with the office if you prefer a different site. Other sites could be reserved and you could inadvertently move to a site that is already spoken for.

Messages: Emergency messages are delivered to guests. All other messages will be posted in the lobby on the message board. 

Washing of vehicles/RV'S: Please take your vehicles to one of the two car washes in town. 

The trees here are beautiful, let’s all keep them as is by not placing any nails or hooks in them.   One final thought, returning to unwanted Kritters, the best way to prevent them is to put trash in the dumpsters or tent site trash cans rather than in fire pits or wastebaskets. Yogi can find his own meals elsewhere!


Quiet time: 11:00 p.m. to 7 a.m.  This does not mean you have to go in, but a low tone of voice must be exercised not to disturb you neighbors.

Check out time is 11:30am for the campground & 11:00 a.m. for lodging.

 There are no refunds should you choose to leave before your scheduled departure date.  

Improper behavior: For the protection & benefit of all guests, anyone who willfully or negligently destroys, injures or defaces the property of another guest or of the Park will be held liable for the full value or replacement cost, whichever is greater. Any individual who violates these Rules & Usage Guidelines by their actions or words disturbs the peace, creates conflict or otherwise generates a situation not in keeping with the family environment of the Park or engaging in improper behavior may be instructed to leave the Park either by management or local law enforcement authorities. No refund will be made. You are responsible for making sure everyone in your party, including your visitors, are aware of our Rules & Guidelines.

We are doing everything we can to make your stay safe, secure & enjoyable. If you have concerns or questions, please feel free to discuss them with us.

Thank you for your understanding.  Larry and Kathy Bartolomucci, owners and managers.  CAMPING IS AN OUTDOORS EXPERIENCE. THEREFORE WE DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS FOR THE DISCOMFORT OF NATURE or if you choose to leave early. (i.e. Weather or insects)

Newberry, MI WEATHER