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Newberry, Michigan Fall Color Report
Welcome to Kritter's Northcountry Campground & Cabins and our Newberry, Michigan Fall Color Report and Upper Peninsula Fall Color Report by Kathy.

10-2-19 Fall Color!

Every season in the U.P. has its bragging rights. However, it’s nearly impossible to beat the breathtaking vistas our 7 million acres of forest offer each fall. Scarlet reds, sunny yellows, coppery oranges, coffee browns and hunter greens drench our trees with photo-snapping hues. The majority of the trees are beginning to realize it is time to prepare for fall.  We have had our fair share of rain this fall so far the the temperatures have been cool.  The temperatures will turn much cooler this week.  There are some brilliant reds, vibrant oranges and pale yellows popping, however there is still a bit of green showing.  They are currently around 40%.  Our best guess in about a week nature will take center stage with one of the most beautiful artistic displays around.  There is no shortage of U.P. fall fun! If you haven’t driven Whitefish Bay Scenic Byway southwest of Sault Ste. Marie, try it this year or take a leisure drive out to Crisp Point Lighthouse.   CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR UPDATE PICTURES OF WHAT IT CURRENTLY LOOKS LIKE RIGHT OUTSIDE YOUR CAMPSITE!!  The colors vary a little going different directions, but it is looking fantastic!!

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